Delta 25 Tech Intelligent Engineering for Business

Delta 25 Technologies

Delta 25 Technologies integrates Intelligent Engineering with Business acumen.
The results are successful websites, eCommerce systems, and user-friendly SaaS platforms.

Some Examples of our work:

ArrowText MD AI-Driven Clinical Transcription

ArrowText MD is a SaaS platform that delivers fast and accurate clinical Voice-to-Text for Primary Care and Medical Specialities.

ArrowText MD supports transcribing both Dictations and Group Conversations

CallnFax VOIP at the Speed of Business

CallnFax is a Premier VoIP Provider, delivering reliable, cost-effective, and scalable Telecom service, since 2009.

CallnFax offers the widest selection of Inward Dialing Numbers. With scalable service unrivaled in the industry. 

CallnFax delivers the most reliable, landline quality, A-Z Termination, with 6 second billing.

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