Delta 25 Technologies maintenance programs

Website and Server Maintenance Programs

Delta 25 Technologies is a full-service engineering company with over 10 years of successfully deploying, maintaining, and troubleshooting servers and websites. Our Team of experienced technicians is available for support, intervention, and system recovery.

Our Team focuses on the following platforms:

  • WordPress

  • Joomla

  • Ubuntu

  • CentOS

WordPress security and maintenance

Our Services

We provide the following services:

  • System recovery and backup
  • Backup configuration and setup
  • SSL Certificate installation
  • System monitoring setup
  • Operating system updates, migration, and long-term maintenance
  • Content Management System maintenance, recovery, and migration
    • WordPress
    • Joomla
  • Full WordPress support, updating, migration, and consulting
  • Server configuration, updating, and migration

What are the costs?

The exact costs for each client and project depend upon the work needed. And, our team will give you a clear, understandable, and comprehensive project plan that meets your needs. The following are our basic project prices, which are affordable and efficient:

  • Full analysis of your website, including:
    • Review of your CMS
    • Review of up to 5 pages
    • Updating plugins (WordPress)
    • Installation of essential security plugins (Sucuri and Wordfence)
    • Removal of SPAM and disabling additional SPAM*
  • Full reporting of our findings, recommendations, and actions are taken, and a road map to realize a more secure and functional website
  • What is not included:
    • Removal of malware (additional)
    • System recovery and migration
    • SSL certificate installation or renewal
    • System backups and monitoring
  • What if you need additional services, such as:
    • Malware removal
    • SSL certificate installation or renewal
    • System migration
    • Monitoring
    • Operating system updating

Our team will happily provide you with a cost and timeline to remedy any issues not covered in our initial evaluation. We work quickly and efficiently, to get you the RESULTS you need!

Your Website is your online ticket to profits and represents your Business, and your reputation. The Team at Delta 25 Technologies understands business and is ready to support yours.

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